Skill Prepare has just released 2 educational games that are free to play on their website. The games are Zombie Math and Word Launcher. These simple, yet fun to play games are both in 3D and create a repayable educational experience that helps build skills in math and word spatial recognition. Games are single player and can be played on a browser on desktop or laptop devices. We added these games to our site to make educational more accessible to everyone through gamification. At Skill Prepare, it is our mission to make learning fun and impactful through playing educational mini games. Check out our free educational games below!

Zombie math free to play game

Zombie Math

Zombie Math is an entertaining and free educational game that sharpens math skills in a fun way. Players defend their base from zombies by solving math problems quickly. The zombies come from all sides, and players push them back by selecting the correct answer to math questions, making the zombies fall off a cliff if answered correctly repeatedly. The game gets more challenging as zombies come faster, testing the player’s mental math skills and ability to handle pressure. This gameplay improves arithmetic skills and mental agility, valuable for learning more complex math concepts. Playing Zombie Math benefits cognitive development, enhancing memory, problem-solving skills, and brain function. It’s an enjoyable method to practice and enhance quick math abilities. One of three free educational games to play on our website!

Word launcher free to play game

Word Launcher

Word Launcher is a creative and free educational game focusing on enhancing word visualization skills. In this game, players gather letters in any sequence to assist in visualizing letter placement, which is crucial for expanding vocabulary, learning new words, and improving spelling abilities. It uniquely supports the understanding of context in language comprehension, demonstrating how the meaning we derive from words often relies on the letters surrounding them and the overall context in which the word is used. This illustrates our brain’s reliance on context clues to fill in gaps or clarify ambiguous information.

Furthermore, Word Launcher aids in helping develop spatial representation skills by showing the position of each letter within a word, thereby leveraging spatial relationships to enhance the player’s grasp of word structure. This method helps transform the abstract concept of spelling into a more tangible and visually understandable form. Players are given 45 seconds per round to collect letters and form words. The amount of power accumulated during the round determines the distance the player’s character is launched out of a cannon at the end of the round. With unlimited attempts available and over 500 words to spell, Word Launcher offers a fun and engaging way to work on word visualization and language skills.

Play For Free Today

Start playing Zombie Math and Word Launcher for free today on our website! Navigate to the free educational games tab in our menu and choose a game to start playing. If you like our free games, check our VR educational games. Thank you all for your support in our goal to make learning fun for all ages!