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Reading World VR

Have fun playing mini games while helping improve literacy skills in VR

Reading World VR is an educational VR reading game that combines fun mini games with reading to help players sharpen their literacy skills. Learn sentence structures, spelling, syllables, and more in a fun new way! There are difficulty settings in each mini game to help players learn at a 5th grade, 8th grade, and 12th grade pace. There are 12 fun mini games that are designed around sentences, comprehension, spelling, nouns, verbs, and more! A fun and immersive way to help sharpen your reading skills.

12 Mini Games To Help Sharpen Reading, Spelling, & Literacy Skills

Each mini game in Reading World VR has a fun & unique way of helping sharpen reading skills

Reading World VR mini game sentence smash

Sentence Smash

Smash the correct sentence structures using a hammer.

Reading VR slingshot game

Slingshot Sentences

Finish sentences and fill in the blank of each sentence by shooting a slingshot at the correct words.

Spelling puncher game Reading World VR

Spelling Puncher

Punch the letters in the correct order to spell the words accurately.

Archery word game for Reading World VR

Archery Word Bundle

Smash the correct sentence structures using a hammer.

Reading World VR mini game lily pad leap

Lily Pad Leap

Identify nouns, verbs, & adjectives by launching the frogs onto the correct platforms.

Reading World VR word scramble mini game

Magic Word Scramble

Use your magic wand to unscramble the letters to spell the words correctly.

Reading VR mini game word race

Word Race

Compete in a race and win by getting all the words correct before the computer does.

Word fragment mini game for VR

Word Fragment Toss

Complete the fragmented words by tossing the ball in the correct bucket.

Syllable VR punching game

Syllable Puncher

Identify & punch the words with the correct syllables.

Reading World VR rhyming slicer mini game

Rhyming Slicer

Use a sword to slice the words that rhyme with the word above.

Fishing for syllables reading VR game

Fishing For Syllables

Use a fishing pole to reel in words with the correct syllables.

Timeline toss reading VR mini game

Timeline Ring Toss

Toss rings that match the sentences on past, present, or future tense.

Difficulty Settings From A 6th-9th Grade Reading Level

Each mini game has a difficulty setting that ranges from a 6th to 9th grade reading level. Challenge player’s reading skills on the hardest difficulty of each mini game!

Reading World VR Game Screenshots

In game screenshots from Reading World VR

Wand word scramble reading VR mini game
Reading VR game screenshot
Reading VR mini game slingshot sentences
Reading word unscramble VR game

Skills In Mind

Learning skills we thought about when developing each mini game for this fun reading VR game

Reading Skills

Word Recognition

Vocabulary Skills

Spelling Skills


Sentence Structuring

Attention & Focus

Reading Speed

Parts Of Speech Skills

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