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Technology is quickly reshaping the way we learn and virtual reality (VR) is helping us make this revolution a reality. How do we know? Well, we’re in the field!

As a STEM-accredited educational game company, Skill Prepare is dedicated to taking learning-based games to the next level. Our mission is to strike a balance between education and entertainment across console and VR platforms. Based in Atlanta, GA, our team of passionate gamers and educators develops games that bring fun to learning and enrich the lives of all ages. Our innovative VR educational games provide unique, engaging experiences for students and educators alike, including support for platforms such as Meta Quest 2, PSVR 2, and PICO VR.

In this eBook, you’ll explore the limitless potential of VR education and how it is transforming education and training environments (as well as home-learning settings) across the globe.

You’ll get to uncover:
• The immersive benefits of VR education
• The benefits of hands-on experiential learning
• How VR improves engagement and retention
• How VR creates accessible, inclusive learning environments for students of all abilities
• How VR offers cost-effective alternatives to traditional resources
Whether you’re an educator looking to incorporate VR into your curriculum or a parent who is interested in the cutting-edge possibilities of VR, this eBook will give you real-world insight and practical tips for the future of learning.
After all, the kids of tomorrow are already here today!

Educational Game Titles By Skill Prepare

We develop educational games for VR that make sharpening skills fun

math world vr math game

Math World VR

Step into the realm of Math World VR! Choose from 12 engaging mini games that make math fun! Whether it’s distinguishing even from odd using darts, or mastering multiplication and division with a bow and arrow, you’re in for a fun experience while sharpening simple math skills.

Reading World VR cover art

Reading World VR

Reading World VR is a VR reading game that helps build reading, spelling, and literacy skills in a fun way. Play mini games to help sharpen literacy skills in a fun way. Coming early 2024.

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Our Educational games are available on Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Playstation VR2 & PICO VR