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Sorry! This free word game is only available on desktop / laptop devices.

Word Launcher Controls:

– Use W,A,S,D and the mouse to move your player

– Use spacebar to jump

– Press enter close the instruction window

How To Play:

– Walk onto the green platform to begin

– When the game starts, letters will spawn around the platform.

– Collect as many letters you can in 45 seconds to spell words

– Each letter collected and word spelled will add power to your launch.

– When the time runs out, you’ll be launched depending on how many words you completed.

– How far can you launch?

Note: You do not have to spell the letters in order. This game was developed to help visualize words and spelling orders.

About Word Launcher

Word Launcher is a free educational game based on word visualization. Players collect letters in any order to help visualize letter placement which can help expand vocabulary, words, and spelling. Word Launcher can also help contextual understanding. Understanding partially completed words also highlights the importance of context in language comprehension. Our ability to make sense of these words depends heavily on the surrounding letters and the overall context of the word they are trying to complete. This shows how our brains use context clues to fill in gaps or resolve ambiguities in the information we receive. Word Launcher can also aid players in spatial representation. By showing where each letter goes in the word, the game uses spatial relationships to help players understand the structure of the word. Spatial representation can help make the abstract concept of spelling more concrete and visually accessible. Players will have 45 seconds to collect as many letters and form as many words as they. Once the time is up, players will launch out of a cannon based on how much power they have accumulated. After launching, the player can restart and try again as many times as they would like. There are over 500 words to spell! Have fun while working on word visualization today with Word Launcher!

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(Only for desktop / laptop devices. Requires a mouse & keyboard to play)