We’re happy to announce that Reading World VR, our latest addition to our educational VR games library is now live on the Meta Quest store. Reading World VR is an educational VR game focused on enhancing literacy skills through fun mini-games. It’s designed for varying difficulty levels, catering to 6th through 9th grade reading levels, with 12 mini-games that cover sentence structures, comprehension, spelling, and more.

12 Fun Mini Games Based Around Helping Players Sharpen Reading Skills

Reading World VR is a reading VR game based around playing mini games to help sharpen literacy skills. The game includes 12 mini games to play that span from a variety of skills based in reading speed, spelling, word recognition, sentence structuring, and more. Each mini game has a fun interactive way on working on these skills. For example, in Slingshot Sentences, players will complete the sentence by hitting the correct word with a slingshot. In Lily Pad Leap, players identify nouns, verbs, and adjectives by launching frogs onto the correct platform. There are other mini games that help players improve their reading speed, such as Word Race. In word race, players will quickly need to read the definition and throw the ball at the word that matches the definition. Players must do this quickly in order for their horse to win the race. Each of the 12 mini games creates a fun environment for players to learn while they play. There are difficulty levels that range from a 6th grade reading level, up to a 9th grade reading level. Can you beat each mini game on the highest difficulty setting?

Benefits Of Using VR For Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) in education opens up a world of immersive learning experiences, fundamentally transforming how we interact with knowledge and skills development. Reading World VR leverages VR’s potential to make learning engaging, effective, and exciting in several ways:

  • Immersive Engagement: VR creates a fully immersive learning environment, captivating students’ attention in ways traditional methods may not. This immersion can lead to increased motivation and interest in the subject matter.
  • Concrete Understanding: Abstract concepts become tangible in VR, allowing students to visualize and interact with information, which can aid in understanding complex ideas and improving retention rates.
  • Interactive Learning: Through interaction with a virtual world, students learn by doing, which is often more effective than passive learning methods. This hands-on approach encourages active participation and exploration.

Get Reading World VR Today For Meta Quest

Check out Reading World VR for Meta Quest today with a one time purchase (per device) at $14.99. There are no in game purchases or subscriptions making this reading VR game great for home and schools. At Skill Prepare, we love educational games. We believe VR can play an important role in the way we learn. We’re here to help players build foundational skills in a fun, interactive way through VR!