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Sorry! This free typing game is only available on desktop / laptop devices.

How To Play:

-Words will appear on platforms in front of the player

-Type the word on the upcoming platform and hit enter to jump to it.

-If you get the word correct, you’ll jump to the next platform successfully.

-If you mistype the word, you’ll fall from your spot and will have to start over from the beginning.

-The higher you climb, the faster the platforms will appear and the faster you will need to type.

-How far can you climb?

About Astro Typers

Astro typers is a free online typing game that puts your typing skills to the test in a fun, simple way. This game, designed for desktop or laptop devices, challenges your speed and accuracy in a fun, infinite scroll setup. As you type the words appearing on platforms, you leap forward, with the pace quickening as you progress. Mistyping a word means starting over, adding a layer of challenge. This game is not just about speed, but also precision. Dive into this infinite scroll typing game to help sharpen your typing accuracy and speed.

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(Only for desktop / laptop devices. Requires a keyboard to play)