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Our Free Web Based Educational Games

Check out our free to play educational games below. All games can be played directly on our website. These simple, yet fun games are designed to help players improve skills in math arithmetic, word spatial representation, and typing. We developed these games to help players sharpen skills in a fun and free way. (Games can only be played on a desktop or laptop browser)

Zombie Math

Fend off a zombie invasion by quickly solving math problems to protect your base. This fun, free math game helps enhance your quick arithmetic skills in an fun and engaging way. (Designed for desktop and laptop browsers.)

Word launcher free educational game

Word Launcher

Word Launcher is a free educational game that helps players work on vocabulary and spelling through spatial representation. Race against the clock with 45 seconds to collect letters and form words. The more words you create, the more power you accumulate for your launch. (Designed for desktop and laptop browsers.)

astro typer typing game online

Astro Typers

Astro Typers is a typing game that blends speed and precision in a fun, engaging format. Tailored for desktop and laptop users, this game tests your typing skills through an infinite scroll adventure. This game is designed to help improve both your typing velocity and accuracy.

About Skill Prepare

We founded Skill Prepare out of the love for gaming. As kids we played a variety of popular educational games and wanted to develop games for today’s generation. Our mantra is based on the belief that play can be powerful educational tool. If you like our free games, check out our educational VR game titles based on reading, math, and cognitive skill building. Thank you for playing!