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Sorry! This free math game is only available on desktop / laptop devices.

Zombie Math Controls:

– Use W,A,S,D and the mouse to move your player

– Use spacebar to jump

– Press enter to start game

How To Play:

– Zombies will come towards your base from all sides
– Hit the correct math problems on the side to push the zombies back
– Push them back enough to push them off the cliff!
– How long can you keep your base intact?

About Zombie Math

Zombie Math is a simple, yet fun educational math game that is designed to help sharpen quick math skills. Your mission is to defend your base by quickly identifying and solving division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction problems. Zombies will spawn on four different sides of the base and will attack your base when they get close. By selecting the correct math problem box on the side of an approaching zombie, you push them back, inching them closer to the edge of a cliff. Continuously hitting correct answers will continue to drive the zombies back until they ultimately fall off the cliff. As you progress, zombies spawn faster and faster. This not only tests your ability to perform under pressure, but also helps contribute to improving your mental math agility and arithmetic skills, laying a solid foundation for more complex mathematical concepts. Engaging with quick math exercises has been shown to offer many benefits for cognitive development, enhancing problem-solving skills, memory, and overall brain function. Zombie Math is a fun way to practice and help improve your quick math skills.

How long can you survive before zombies destroy your base?

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(Only for desktop / laptop devices. Requires a mouse & keyboard to play)