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VR Education Through Playing Fun Mini Games

Learning and playing go hand in hand. Our educational VR games are based on building foundational skills in math, reading, problem solving, and cognitive development. We utilize our learning philosophy of using mini games fused with educational content to engage players in an interactive way.  Start having fun while learning today!

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Math World VR

Dive into a virtual reality math adventure like no other! This VR math game allows players to help sharpen their math skills through playing fun mini-game challenges. There are 12 mini games to play making math skill building fun, educational, and interactive.

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Help boost quick math skills with 12 mini games in this educational VR game.

Slingshot mini game in Math World VR
Darts game Math World VR
Basketball game Math World VR
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Reading World  VR

Reading World VR is a VR reading game that helps build reading, spelling, and literacy skills by playing mini games. This VR educational game features 12 mini-games in total, each tailored to refine your English reading proficiency in an interactive way.

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Help with spelling, reading, and spatial skills through playing fun mini games.

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Word fragment mini game for VR
Skill Prepare

Available On:

Our Educational VR Games are available on Meta Quest 2/3, Playstation VR2, Steam PCVR & PICO VR

About Skill Prepare

Skill Prepare is a STEM certified company that develops educational games for virtual reality. Growing up as kids, we used to play and enjoy educational games. We want this generation to feel the same joy we did while gaming and learning. Which is why we decided to create games in VR education. Humans are natural hands on learners and learn best by doing. We believe VR education can change the way we learn by adding a hands on, interactive experience for everyone. Its the next frontier of education past textbooks. We develop educational VR games for platforms like Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, PSVR 2, Steam VR, and PICO VR. Thank you all for your support in our mission to make learning and building foundational skills fun.