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School Licensing Information For Our Educational Games

At Skill Prepare, we believe in providing value and supporting schools and the educational community. That’s why when a school purchases just one copy of our game per device, there are no additional fees or payments required to use it within the school’s premises.

One License Per Device

Schools only need to purchase one copy of our game per device. Once purchased, the game can be used unlimited times on that device without any extra charges.

Easy Game Installation

Our games are designed for easy installation and setup. Once you’ve purchased a copy, you can quickly get started and integrate it into your classroom.

No Hidden Fees

There are no recurring fees, subscription costs, or hidden charges. Our commitment is to help keep education accessible and affordable for everyone.

Educational Game Titles By Skill Prepare

We develop educational games for VR and console platforms

math world vr math game

Math World VR

Step into the realm of Math World VR! Choose from 12 engaging mini games that make math fun! Whether it’s distinguishing even from odd using darts, or mastering multiplication and division with a bow and arrow, you’re in for a fun experience while sharpening simple math skills.

robo rigs vr

Robo Rigs VR

Robo Rigs VR is a builder game that lets students expand their creativity while having fun. Players can build their own R/C tracks, marble contraptions, and music marble runs. Experiment with gravity and physics while building in VR.

astro typer typing game online

Astro Typers

Astro Typers is a free typing game on our website. This is an infinite scrolling typing game where students can help improve their typing speed in a fun, simple way. As players complete each platform, the speed increases. See how far your can climb while helping improve keyboard skills!

Get Our VR Games On:

Our Educational games are available on Meta Quest 2, Playstation VR2 & PICO VR

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use your games on multiple devices?

You must purchase one copy of each game license per device in your school.

Are there any restrictions on how we can use the game in our school?

No, as long as you’ve purchased one game license per device, you can use the game however you see fit in your educational setting.

What if I have further questions about your games?

We are always here to help! If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at