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Build Your Own R/C Car Tracks & Marble Run Contraptions With Robo Rigs VR!

Welcome to Robo Rigs VR, where you can build R/C car tracks, marble run contraptions, or music marble runs in VR. Play solo or with up to 4 players in multiplayer. Build away using your creativity!


Build & Race R/C Cars In VR

Design and race on your custom R/C circuits in virtual reality through the R/C Playground mode. With over 25 distinct track styles at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Engage in races against up to 4 friends in multiplayer or navigate the course solo in single player mode. Building your own R/C circuit in VR brings a new dimension to R/C cars!

Create Marble Run Contraptions & Rig Them With Robots

Build, design, test, and, race with marbles using gravity and your imagination. Design marble races, marble contraptions, and create the ultimate marble run. With the robot rig option, you can rig robots to pick up your marbles and fly them anywhere around the map.  Choose from over 40+ tracks and objects to interact with to create fun marble contraptions in VR!

music VR marble runs

Create Music Marble Runs

Transform your marble runs into a music run by placing music blocks along your track. Choose from 6 instruments and over 100 music notes to build an awesome music marble run.  The music blocks aren’t just limited to your marble tracks; robots can join in too. You can rig robots to follow paths you created, playing music notes along the way. Add a whole new level to your marble run with music notes!


Play With Friends In Multiplayer

Play with up to 4 friends in multiplayer mode! You can build and race your own R/C car tracks in VR, or create marble run contraptions together. Create your own room and share it with your friends to have fun building together.

VR puzzle mode with marble runs

Play 30 Levels In Puzzle Mode or Build Your Way In Creative Mode

Robo Rigs VR has 3 total modes: Puzzle Mode, R/C Playground Mode, and Marble Playground Mode. With Puzzle Mode, players can work their way through 30 levels. Solving challenging, interactive puzzles that combines marble runs with flying robots. In R/C Playground mode, players can play solo or with up to 4 friends creating their own R/C car track runs. In Marble Playground mode, players can play alone or with up to 4 friends to create their own marble run contraptions.  

What Will You Build In Robo Rigs VR?

Get Robo Rigs VR for Meta Quest & start building your own R/C car tracks & marble run contraptions today.

Robo Rigs VR Game Screenshots

rc cars robo rigs vr
vr music marble run builder
vr multiplayer rc cars
marble contraptions multiplayer VR
robots rig in vr marble run

Skills In Mind

Learning & educational development skills we thought about at Skill Prepare when developing Robo Rigs VR

Problem solving


Attention & Focus