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Build Machines & Contraptions Using Marbles In VR

Design and build tracks for racing up to four vibrant marbles. But that’s not all – you can also rig robots to follow your commands. Robo Rigs VR even allows you to collaborate with up to four friends in Multiplayer Creative Mode, fostering teamwork and shared creativity.

The game is a symphony of physics and music. As your marble rolls down the track, it can play musical notes, turning your race into a melodious journey. With over 35+ fun tracks to use, the possibilities for creating your unique style are endless. You can craft your physics playground exactly the way you want it, whether you’re interested in physics, flying robots, or music.

But the fun doesn’t stop at creation and exploration. Robo Rigs VR also features a Physics Puzzle Mode with 30 dynamic levels. Robots have invaded your room, dropping balls everywhere. Your mission is to guide them to their matching rings, playing with gravity and using a variety of different tracks. This mode challenges your problem-solving skills and encourages you to come up with clever solutions to tricky problems.

If you’re feeling musical, Robo Rigs VR has you covered. You can place groovy musical notes along your track, creating a song as your marble rolls through it. You can even make the robots play notes as they fly through the path you’ve created. The game offers endless possibilities for creativity and fun, all while challenging you to master the rules of physics.

Robo Rigs VR is designed for comfort and accessibility. You can play the game while sitting or standing, making it a perfect fit for any play style. So, are you ready to step into a world where physics, rigging, and music come together in a symphony of fun and creativity? Dive into Robo Rigs VR today and let your imagination run wild

Race Up To 4 Marbles!

Puzzle Mode With 40 Levels

Three Unique Maps

Multiplayer Creative Mode

Skills In Mind

Learning development skills we thought about when developing Robo Rigs VR

Problem solving


Attention & Focus


What Will You Build?

Get Robo Rigs VR for Meta Quest 2 & start building your own marble runs today

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