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Our educational games are designed to help sharpen skills in math, reading, spelling, memory, creative, problem solving, & more. We’re here to help build & learn skills through gaming.

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Kid Friendly Educational Games For VR

We develop kid friendly educational VR games for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3,  PSVR 2, Steam VR, & PICO VR. At Skill Prepare, its our mission to combine gaming with education to create fun learning experiences for all ages.

Games Designed Around Learning While Having Fun


Math World VR

 This VR math game takes you on a mini game adventure, where you’ll sharpen those basic arithmetic skills in an entertaining way. With 12 mini-games at your disposal, you’ll never run out of fun!

Reading World VR cover art

Reading World  VR

Reading World VR is a VR reading game that helps build reading, spelling, and literacy skills in a fun way. Coming early 2024.


Zombie Math

Defend your base from zombies by solving math quickly before they breakthrough. Practive quick math skills in this free math game. (Only for desktop / laptop browsers.)

Word launcher free educational game

Word Launcher

Spell words to gain power and launch out of a cannon. Collect letters to help visualize word structure, spelling, and spatial representation. Play this free educational game today on our website. (Only for desktop / laptop browsers.)

Astro Typers

Put your typing skill to the test in our free online typing game. How far can you climb? (Only for desktop / laptop browsers.)

We’re Passionate About Educational Games

At Skill Prepare, our passion for games goes hand in hand with our love for learning. Growing up with educational games, we’ve seen firsthand the joy and growth they can bring. That’s why we create games that are not only fun but also help build skills in math, reading, and more. Our games are kid friendly, but also fun for adults to play! Available on platforms like Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 PSVR 2, Steam VR, and PICO VR, our games are designed to make learning engaging and enjoyable. We’re on a mission to turn education into an exciting experience, and we invite you to be part of this adventure. Join us at Skill Prepare, where learning meets play, and let’s make education a thrilling journey together. Thank you for your support!

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educational app store certified

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Reading World VR For Meta Quest Now Available

Reading World VR For Meta Quest Now Available

We're happy to announce that Reading World VR, our latest addition to our educational VR games library is now live on the Meta Quest store. Reading World VR is an educational VR game focused on enhancing literacy skills through fun mini-games. It's designed for...

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