Robo Rigs VR, an R/C track building and marble run building game, has officially launched on the PICO VR platform, bringing a unique and interactive experience to virtual reality enthusiasts. This game stands out with its creative track-building feature, allowing players to construct their dream circuits or massive marble runs in a virtual world.

Innovative R/C Track-Building in VR

At the heart of Robo Rigs VR is the track-building system. Players have access to over 20 different track pieces, enabling them to design and construct elaborate R/C car tracks in VR. The intuitive snap-together mechanism simplifies the building process, making it easy and fun to create complex circuits. Whether you fancy inclines, declines, hairpin turns, flat turns, or banked apexes, the game provides all the necessary elements to bring your vision to life. Build complex r/c circuit tracks on your map and drive around them in VR!

Additionally, a booster block feature injects an extra thrill into the races, allowing players to add speed boosts to their tracks. For those who prefer precision, the “straighten track” option in the inventory facilitates building on a locked horizontal plane, ensuring a smooth and balanced race course.

PICO VR r/c track builder

Build Massive Marble Runs & Contraptions

The Marble Run Mode in Robo Rigs VR allows players to construct intricate marble races and contraptions. The game’s design leverages gravity and player imagination to create the ultimate marble run experience. What sets this mode apart is the ability to incorporate robots within these marble runs. Players can rig robots to pick up and transport marbles across the map, adding a dynamic and interactive element to the construction process. With over 40 different tracks and objects available, the possibilities for creativity and fun are nearly endless. Build massive marble runs in VR and get creative!

Harmonize Your Marble Runs with Music

Adding a musical dimension to the marble runs, players can transform their creations into music runs. This is achieved by strategically placing music blocks along the tracks. With a choice of six different instruments and over 100 music notes, players can construct marble runs that not only look visually stunning but also produce captivating melodies. Robots aren’t left out in this symphonic endeavor; they can be programmed to follow paths and play music notes, further enhancing the sensory experience of the marble runs.

Diverse Gaming Modes for Varied Experiences

Apart from the R/C Playground and Marble Playground modes, Robo Rigs VR also offers a Puzzle Mode. This mode presents 30 levels of interactive puzzles that blend the concept of marble runs with flying robots, offering a stimulating challenge to players. Whether you prefer constructing R/C car tracks, designing marble runs, or solving complex puzzles, Robo Rigs VR caters to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

Get Robo Rigs VR For PICO Today

Head over to the PICO store on your VR headset today to get your own copy of Robo Rigs VR and start building your own R/C circuits and marble runs!