Robo Rigs VR, a marble contraption VR sandbox game where you can build your own marble contraptions is announcing a game update in the next few weeks. This update will be adding a variety of features including a bunch of new tracks! Here are the updates that are coming soon!

Program Your Own Robot Paths In Creative Mode

Since the environments have lots of building space, we decided to utilize it with a new programmable robot feature . Now in creative mode, players can have robots pick up their marbles and bring them virtually anywhere in the environment. Here’s how it works. First, players will use the “robot” bucket and place it at the end of their tracks where they want the robots to pick the marbles up. Next, the player will “program” the robots path by drawing a line anywhere on the map. Now, once the marble goes into the robot bucket, the robot will pick it up and travel the path determined by the player, dropping it at the end. This will add a new dynamic to building your rigs as you can now use robots to create loops or even bigger contraptions.

Music Blocks

This update is for all the music creatives! Now in creative mode, players can add their own musical blocks. When the marble passes through the blocks, a sound will play. Players will have the option to choose from a variety of kalimba sound notes as well as a few other instruments. This adds a new fun way to combine music with rigging! We’re excited to see the music you will create with your VR rig!

More Tracks

This update will be adding 5 new track types including a conveyor belt for vertical rigging. Also a variety of walls and random objects will be added to the game for the ultimate customization of your rigs!

New Environments

The environments in Robo Rigs VR are being completely changed. First, the garage area (used in puzzle mode) is being upgraded to a hangar. Second, creative mode is getting a “vistas” map. This environment allows you to change between over 10, 360 degree view vistas to create a relaxing, chill environment while you build your tracks.

About Robo Rigs VR

Robo Rigs VR is a casual VR sandbox game where you can build your own marble run contraptions. The game is a playground of physics, music, and creativity based around building tracks for marbles to navigate down. Stay tuned for this update releasing for Meta Quest 2 (other VR platforms coming soon!) in the next few weeks. We will be also providing future updates to this game as it is our goal to continually develop games that are fun, yet educational for all.