Robo Rigs VR is a marble run VR game that allows players to build and race their own marble runs in VR. Build your own marble runs in VR with 3 environments using over 35 tracks and contraptions! Race up to 4 marbles at a time and build with up to 5 friends in multiplayer creative mode. Robo Rigs VR also has a unique marble run puzzle mode. Complete puzzles by matching the colored marbles with the rings by building their path. Robots will drop balls throughout the map and its your job to get all the colored balls through their matching rings! This Meta Quest Educational game is a fun way to learn about physics and building functioning contraptions.

Robo Rigs VR comes included with 3 game modes:

  • Creative Mode -Full freedom to build your own marble runs in VR
  • Multiplayer Creative Mode – Build your own marble runs with up to 5 players!
  • Puzzle Mode – Get the marbles through their matching color rings by building marble runs

Robo Rigs VR creative freedom and multiplayer mode make it a great choice for anyone who enjoys marble runs or VR games. The game is now available on App Lab for the Meta Quest 2 for $9.99

Get Ready For Marble Run Contraption Building In VR

Robo Rigs VR, which can be played on the Meta Quest 2 platform offers a gaming experience that seamlessly combines the enchantment of marble runs, with the world of virtual reality. Now lets explore the mechanics that make this game truly remarkable.

Engaging Construction Environment

The essence of Robo Rigs VR lies in its capacity to allow players to construct marble runs. The game provides a space where players can assemble tracks, loops and contraptions in a three setting. With the power of reality players can physically. Adjust components making the building process intuitive and captivating.

Collaborative Mode for Multiplayer Creativity

The multiplayer mode shines a spotlight on collaboration. Players have the opportunity to team up share their space and co create stunning marble runs. This mode fosters. Creativity as players can brainstorm ideas and work together to overcome challenges in order to create the impressive marble run imaginable.

Dynamic Puzzle Challenges

In addition to free building capabilities, Robo Rigs VR introduces a puzzle mode. In this mode players are given the task of guiding marbles, towards their corresponding rings. The challenge lies in constructing pathways and mechanisms that will ensure each marble reaches its intended destination successfully.
It’s a test that combines creativity and problem solving abilities.

Realistic Physics

One of the standout features of Robo Rigs VR is its focus, on physics. Marbles in the game move. Interact with the environment based on real world physics principles. This not adds authenticity to the gameplay. Also introduces strategic elements. Players need to consider factors like momentum, gravity and friction while designing their runs.

Varied Game Environments

Robo Rigs VR offers environments for players to explore and build in. Each environment presents its challenges and visual appeal ensuring that the gameplay remains engaging and enjoyable.

In summary, Robo Rigs VR showcases game mechanics that provide players with an immersive gaming experience. It’s combination of construction, collaboration, and problem solving within the captivating world of VR makes it a great choice for those who love marble runs.