We are updating Math World VR for PVR2! In the next month, we will be releasing an update for our math VR game. There will be a number of fixes as well as a new feature add on. We appreciate all your support and feedback for Math World VR! Stay tuned for this PSVR2 update!

Game Fixes

First, we will be fixing the frisbee throwing game. The frisbee physics will be improved. (including having the frisbee spin!) We will also be improving the ax throwing in this update as well as a number of other physics and throwing mechanics to make the game more enjoyable to play.

Game Additions

Second, we will be adding difficulty settings for all mini games. Players will now have the option to choose between easy, medium, and hard settings. This will add a challenge to those who want to do harder math while playing each mini game.

We greatly appreciate all your support and feedback for our game! We are here to constantly improve Math World VR to make math arithmetic fun for everyone. We’re here to make educational games fun for all ages. Thank you again & stay tuned for this update releasing in the next few weeks.

Math World VR is a STEM math game that is here to combine math arithmetic with fun mini games! Stay tuned for more updates. Get our math VR game on PSVR2 today!


The upcoming update for Math World VR on Playstation VR2 is a testament to the developers dedication to enhancing user experience. By addressing the physics of in game elements like frisbees and axe throwing the game ensures enjoyable gameplay. These improvements not increase entertainment value. Also contribute to a more effective learning experience. When game physics mimics real world behavior it reinforces scientific concepts in players minds.

Additionally introducing difficulty settings is a step, towards personalizing the learning journey. With easy, medium and hard options available players can challenge themselves according to their proficiency level. This adaptive learning approach ensures that beginners don’t feel overwhelmed while keeping players engaged and stimulated.

In the context of education games, like Math World VR are leading the way towards an engaging and tailored learning experience. Traditional classrooms often struggle to meet the learning speeds of students. However educational VR games can adjust to needs ensuring that every player or learner gets the most out of their experience.

To sum up as we eagerly anticipate the update for Math World VR on PSVR2 it’s important to acknowledge the impact of such games in the field of education. By making learning enjoyable, interactive and personalized VR games are establishing benchmarks for approaches, in this digital era.