Robo Rigs VR has just updated on the Meta Quest Store with a new mode: R/C Playground Mode. In this mode, players can now build their own R/C car tracks and race around them in VR! R/C cars have always been an enjoyment for us growing up and still to this day, so we decided to add this mode in Robo Rigs VR. Now you can build awesome R/C tracks as big or small as you want in virtual reality.

R/C Car Track Builder

Choose from over 20+ tracks to build your R/C car track the way you want! There is also a booster block to add boost to your track wherever you want. You can snap each track to each other making it easy and fast to build awesome R/C circuits in VR. Do so by first pulling them out from your inventory. Then grab it and get it close to another track to let it snap together. You can also check the “straighten track” box in your inventory to build on a locked horizontal plane. There are inclines, declines, hairpin turns, flat turns, and banked apexes to create the ultimate R/C track. Delete tracks, rearrange them, and build your circuit however you’d like! Then, place 1 of 5 R/C cars on your track and take out the remote and choose your car channel to start driving. Use the screen on the remote control to drive your car around the track. You can also drive around the map if you want. If you love R/C cars like we do, you’ll love this new mode.

RC Car inventory screen VR

Multiplayer Mode With Up To 4 Players

In R/C Playground mode, you can either build and play solo or play in multiplayer with up to 4 players. Now you can build your own R/C car tracks together and then race each other. In multiplayer, you can create private rooms with a password and share them to other players to join in on the fun. What will you build? And who will be the fastest VR car racer?

Robo Rigs VR track gameplay

Get Robo Rigs VR Today On Meta Quest

Get Robo Rigs VR today on the Meta Quest Store and start building your own R/C tracks in R/C Playground Mode. We also added a ton of new features in Marble Playground mode to let you build your own contraptions in VR! Coming soon for other VR platforms!