Skill Prepare, renowned for its commitment to educational gaming, proudly presents Robo Rigs VR. This VR builder game invites budding engineers, musicians, and creative minds to push the limits of their imagination within a virtual space. Skill Prepare, an esteemed educational game developer with STEM accreditation, is thrilled to launch Robo Rigs VR. This virtual reality experience provides players with a dynamic platform to express their creativity. From designing R/C car circuits to constructing marble run marvels and musical marble adventures. Robo Rigs VR has something for all R/C and marble run fans!

Build R/C Tracks And Circuits In VR

Within Robo Rigs VR, players are transported to a realm where the only boundary is their own imagination. The R/C Playground mode offers enthusiasts the chance to craft and compete on tailor made R/C tracks. With a selection of over 25 diverse track designs, players can build massive R/C tracks to race their cars through. Moreover, the R/C Playground mode encourages players to experiment and iterate. They can tweak their tracks based on their racing experiences, optimizing for speed, challenge, or sheer fun. It’s a loop of creation and refining, ensuring that the experience in Robo Rigs VR remains fresh, exciting, and endlessly engaging.

R/C track builder in VR

Create Massive Marble Runs

Experience the magic of marble run designs in Robo Rigs VR. Dive deep into a world where players can conceptualize, experiment, and race marbles, harnessing the power of gravity and limitless creativity. Design breathtaking marble races and complex mechanisms, and watch in awe as marbles find their path to success. The robot rig feature elevates the experience, allowing marbles to be paired with robots, adding a new dimension of excitement as they traverse the virtual terrain. There are 45 tracks to build and interact with, giving you the freedom to build the ultimate marble run in VR!

Discover a realm where visual artistry meets auditory brilliance. Robo Rigs VR introduces the innovative idea of musical marble runs. Players can turn their designs into melodious masterpieces by strategically placing musical blocks along the tracks. With a plethora of instruments and over 100 musical notes to choose from, marbles can serenade players as they journey through colorful courses. And the twist? Robots can also participate, adding an extra dimension of auditory and visual pleasure.

marble run contraptions robo rigs VR

Play With Up To 4 Friends In Multiplayer

Robo Rigs VR understands the amplified joy that comes from shared experiences. The multiplayer mode allows players to invite up to four companions into the virtual space, fostering collaboration, friendly rivalry, and shared exhilaration. Whether it’s crafting R/C tracks or designing mesmerizing marble mechanisms, the multiplayer feature promises countless hours of shared fun and bonding.

Play Puzzle Mode: A Fun Approach To Building Marble Runs

Puzzle Mode immerses players in 30 interactive challenges that meld mind-bending puzzles with the thrill of marble runs and airborne robots. In puzzle mode, robots drop marbles in sequence. It’s your job to build tracks to guide them into their matching rings. Build and rig your tracks to complete each level. As the levels progress, so does the difficulty. Adding in timing and rigging your marble runs to successfully get all the marbles through each color matching ring!


Skill Prepares dedication to merging education with entertainment shines brightly in this immersive experience, offering players not just a game, but a platform to express, learn, and create. From crafting R/C tracks to designing marble runs, Robo Rigs VR is more than just a virtual reality game. Dive in, explore, and let your imagination run wild with Robo Rigs VR.

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