Robo Rigs VR is a marble run VR game that allows players to build and race their own marble runs in virtual reality. Build your own marble runs in 3 environments using over 35 tracks and contraptions! Race up to 4 marbles at a time and build with up to 5 friends in multiplayer creative mode. Robo Rigs VR also has a unique marble run puzzle mode. Complete puzzles by matching the colored marbles with the rings by building their path. Robots will drop balls throughout the map and its your job to get all the colored balls through their matching rings!

Robo Rigs VR comes included with 3 game modes:

  • Creative Mode -Full freedom to build your own marble runs in VR
  • Multiplayer Creative Mode – Build your own marble runs with up to 5 players!
  • Puzzle Mode – Get the marbles through their matching color rings by building marble runs

Robo Rigs VR creative freedom and multiplayer mode make it a great choice for anyone who enjoys marble runs or VR games. The game is now available on App Lab for the Meta Quest 2 for $9.99