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educational VR creative builder game
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Make Learning Fun

Skill Prepare

Learn Through Play With Our Games For Steam

Learning can be fun through playing games! Our Steam educational games are based around helping sharpen foundational skills in reading & math. We believe that reading & math are two of the most important skill sets to always improve. Now you can work on these skills while gaming & having fun. Check out our Steam educational games below for PC/Mac & VR.

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Steam Platform Educational Games

Super Math Saga platform educational game

Super Math Saga

Conquer 40 levels and battle 8 bosses while helping sharpen your math arithmetic skills. This educational game for Steam is designed to help players improve their foundational math skills speed. Available on Steam today.

Super Math Saga Game Screenshots

Complete levels by thinking quickly in solving addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, finding multiples, identifying even/odd numbers, and finding prime numbers. 

Super Math Saga screenshot Steam
Boss battle screenshot Super Math Saga
Water kevel screenshot Super Math Saga
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Steam VR Educational Games

Math World VR

Who said improving you math skills can’t be fun? In this math VR game, players can help work on their foundational math skills by playing 12 fun mini games in VR. Put your quick math to the test through 4 difficulty levels with Math World VR!

Math World VR Game Screenshots

Play 12 fun mini games while helping sharpen your quick math skills.

Basketball game Math World VR
Darts game Math World VR
Slingshot mini game in Math World VR
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Reading World  VR

Play 12 fun mini games that are designed around helping improve spelling, reading, word recognition, and literacy skills in VR. Each mini game has reading difficulty levels that put your skills to the test in this reading VR game for Steam.

Reading World VR Game Screenshots

Help sharpen literacy skills and help improve reading speed while having fun!

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We Love Educational Games

Skill Prepare is a STEM certified company that develops educational games based on building foundational skills in reading, math, and more. We grew up enjoying educational games ourselves & still remember to this day the fun we had playing them. We decided that we wanted to give player’s today an enjoyable way to have fun while learning & working on skills. That’s why its our mission to make learning fun for everyone through playing games. We appreciate everyone’s support in our vision of educating through gamification. Check out our educational games on Steam today!