Hello to all our dedicated players and math enthusiasts! We’re absolutely thrilled to bring you some exciting news about an upcoming update to our cool math VR game roster. We’re introducing a brand new, innovative math game to Math World VR that we’ve named Number Slicer! This game is set to add a fresh and dynamic twist to our collection. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

In ‘Number Slicer,’ you’ll be stepping into a virtual world where numbers and swords meet in a fun, slashing gameplay experience. The game’s premise revolves around the fundamental concept of Even and Odd numbers, but presents it in a way that’s far from ordinary. As the player, you’ll be armed with a virtual sword. Ready to slice through numbers that pop up on your screen.

The fun of ‘Number Slicer’ lies in its simplicity coupled with the need for quick decision-making. Once the numbers appear, you’ll have the opportunity to slice them in whichever direction you prefer. This adds an element of strategy and precision to the game, making each slice a calculated decision.

Number Slicer’ is designed to be as fun as it is challenging. Each round is a new opportunity to improve your skills, beat your high score, and enhance your understanding of numbers.

When To Expect This Math World VR Update

We’re working tirelessly to bring ‘Number Slicer’ to you as soon as possible. Stay tuned to our updates for the release date, and for more exciting news about this game. We’re confident that ‘Number Slicer’ will add a new, exciting dimension to your math gaming experience. So, get ready to draw your swords and slice your way through numbers. Happy gaming!

Gamification And Simple Math In VR

The field of education is constantly. One of the significant changes we’ve witnessed in recent years is the integration of gamification, into learning. Math World VRs upcoming game called ‘Number Slicer’ serves as an example of how games can revolutionize our approach to subjects that are typically seen as challenging or boring.

Gamification essentially involves incorporating elements of game design into game contexts. By introducing game mechanics into learning environments educators and developers can tap into the motivation that learners possess. This motivation becomes evident when students eagerly look forward to slicing numbers in a world, which’s quite different from the traditional classroom setting where numbers on a blackboard might not generate the same level of enthusiasm.

However ‘Number Slicer’ goes beyond being a game; it serves as a tool that bridges the gap between fun and education. By focusing on odd numbers this game reinforces mathematical concepts.. What truly sets it apart is its execution. The act of slicing numbers, with a sword transforms a math lesson into an exhilarating activity. This active engagement ensures retention and understanding of the concept.

Moreover the games design promotes skills beyond math by requiring quick decision making and precision.
Players improve their reflexes, strategic thinking and hand eye coordination through playing ‘Number Slicer,’ which provides a learning experience.


In conclusion, Math World VR continues to expand its collection of games highlighting the future of education by combining entertainment and learning. ‘Number Slicer’ demonstrates the potential of VR, in education. Also showcases the transformative power of gamification. As we prepare for its launch educators and students can anticipate a future where learning becomes not essential, but enjoyable.

Math World VR is an educational VR game available for Playstation VR2, Meta Quest 2, & PICO VR!

Release date: Thursday | May 12, 2022 10:00AM EST