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Make Learning Fun

Our VR Educational Games For Meta Quest

Skill Prepare is an educational VR gaming company that develops fun learning games for Meta Quest. We feel VR can play an important role in learning. Skill Prepare offers a range of educational VR games that are not just engaging, but also help build skills in math, reading, and cognitive development. Our VR games are designed make learning fun.

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Math World VR

Embark on a delightful journey through the world of mathematics with this VR math game! Designed as a thrilling mini-game adventure, it invites players to hone their math arithmetic skills while being thoroughly entertained. The game features a diverse collection of 12 unique mini-games, each offering a different challenge and style of play.

Game Screenshots

Help sharpen math arithmetic skills through 12 fun VR mini games

Slingshot mini game in Math World VR
Basketball game Math World VR
Darts game Math World VR
Reading World VR cover art

Reading World  VR

Reading World VR is a VR reading game that helps build reading, spelling, and literacy skills in a fun way. With 12 unique mini games to help players sharpen their english reading skills in VR!

Game Screenshots

Play 12 fun mini games that help sharpen reading, comprehension & spelling skills in VR.

Reading VR game screenshot

About Skill Prepare

We’re an educational VR gaming company that believe VR can bridge the gap between learning & fun. As kids, we used to enjoy educational games ourselves. We wanted to develop a company that provided the same joy we felt as kids. But it’s more than just nostalgia; it’s using gamification to make learning fun and interactive by using VR.

Our aim is to develop VR educational games for Meta Quest that not only entertain but also help sharpen foundational skills in math, literacy, and problem-solving. In education, VR is becoming an apparent tool for hands on learning. We love VR education and believe it can play a vital role in learning in the classroom and at home.