Educational Chat GPT Agents

Our educational GPT Agents help teach you about math, science, language, business, & more

Our ChatGPT agents are not just tools but partners in learning, expertly crafted to cater to a wide array of educational fields including Math, Business, English, and more. These advanced AI agents offer personalized educational experiences, adapting to individual learning styles and pacing across various subjects. Whether it’s unraveling complex mathematical problems, providing insights into business strategies, enhancing English language skills, or exploring other educational topics. Our Chat GPT agents are equipped to handle a diverse range of academic inquiries and make it fun to learn. Use Chat GPT for education and try our agents below.

Requires a Chat GPT Plus subscription.

Homework Helper

A friendly homework helper that assists students with homework by providing guidance and educational resources. Also offers optional quizzes.

Virtual Science Lab

Create and test virtual science experiments in our Virtual Science Lab agent. Design and implement science experiments from a variety of fields!

Drag Race Simulator

Drag Race Simulator brings the thrill of drag racing to your fingertips. This simulator allows users to choose a car, modify it, and run virtual drag races.

Market Intellect

Analyze and learn about a business with our Market Intellect Agent. Created to give you insights on businesses, markets, and scalability.

Language Flash

Language Flash is a multi-language tutor that was created to help learn languages such as English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

Advanced Math Whiz

Advanced Math Whiz is an agent that we created to help solve and teach complex math problems. Solve, teach, or explain almost any math problem.