It’s 2024 and we have some awesome plans for more educational games coming out this year. Before we talk about our upcoming plans this year, lets recap. This past year has been an amazing year at Skill Prepare. Math World VR received a numerous amount of updates, including 4 new difficulty settings to put your math skills to the ultimate test. Furthermore, Math World VR was released on Sony PSVR2 and Steam VR platforms. We also released a fun marble run and R/C track builder game, Robo Rigs VR for Meta Quest and PICO VR. Coming in the early year of 2024, Robo Rigs VR will be released on Sony PSVR2. It was an incredible exciting year for Skill Prepare and we are so thankful for everyone’s support in our mission to create fun educational games.

Reading World VR Coming In 2024

Coming in early 2024, one of our next educational games, Reading World VR, will be released on all major VR platforms. Reading World VR is a reading VR game aimed to help players sharpen their English literary skills by playing a series of fun mini games in VR. From spelling to sentence structuring, Reading World VR is here to help sharpen reading skills. Currently we are working on finishing our last mini games and are testing / fine tuning the game. In the next few months we will be releasing this fun VR reading game across all major VR platforms. Stay tuned for what’s in store next!

Super Math Saga Coming In 2024

We created a fun platformer game for consoles based around improving math skills while adventuring through this 2.5D world. With 40 levels and 8 unique bosses across 8 worlds, Super Math Saga is set to blend math and platformer games in an educational, yet fun way. Coming soon in 2024, you will be able to battle bosses while helping sharpen your math arithmetic skills. Super Math Saga will be released for consoles and Steam platforms, making it accessible to anyone who has a major console or PC! We wanted to make math a fun learning adventure so decided to create this fun educational game! Stay tuned for Super Math Saga’s release coming in early to mid 2024.

An Educational Mobile Game Based On Memory Improvement In The Works

It’s important, no matter what age, to improve your memory skills. So why not have fun while doing so? We’re all about creating fun educational games in 2024 and wanted to develop this mobile memory game to our library. Best of all, this game will be free on mobile devices! Players will be challenged to remember paths and avoid obstacles through up to 80 levels as well as battle 8 bosses in a fun way. By working on remembering these entries, players can help sharpen their memory skills and enjoy it while they do so! Memory Runner will be releasing mid 2024 to mobile platforms.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

We greatly appreciate everyone in supporting us while we are developing this next set of educational games for 2024. At Skill Prepare, we want to develop quality games that have an impact on sharpening important skills for all ages. From math to reading to memory, we believe learning can be done in an enjoyable way through gaming. Thank you all again for your support and we look forward to creating more educational games! Have a great 2024!